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Tanzania is one of Africa's most beautiful countries, where the best wildlife safaris can be made.

Here you'll find the most famous national parks like Serengeti and the Ngorongoro Crater, the continents' highest mountain Kilimanjaro, the spice island Zanzibar, and splendid untouched sandy beaches alongside the Indian Ocean.


Investing in mainland Tanzania is still very lucrative, as land prices have not yet gone up too high.

With real estate prices in Zanzibar rocketing, investors have now discovered the coastline of mainland Tanzania as a valuable alternative. One unique feature of the area south of Pangani is the proximity of Saadani national park, which offers the opportunity to combine a beach holiday with one or more days wildlife safari.

Real estate prices in this area can be compared with Zanzibar 15 years ago, when land was still affordable there. However, in 5 or 10 years from now, real estate prices around Pangani will be completely different. Now is the time to invest in this area.

Also real estate prices for land near the famous national parks are still very affordable. Moreover, there is still a shortage of safari beds in Tanzania. During high season months, all existing lodges and safari camps are as good as full booked, with touroperators grabbing for the available rooms. Investing in a safari lodge or camp is almost a guarantee for good occupancy rates.

The map below show the locations (in red color) of the different investment opportunities that are offered on this website.

map showing the location of the properties on this website


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